Portfolio : Smartphone App

App Development for SourceNext

  • A fixed offshore team is working for SourceNext
  • Popular Product in consumer market
  • Product List:
    • 超保存 (Chou Hozon)
    • 驚速メモリ (Super Speed)
    • 超節電 (Super Power Saver)
    • 軽快電話 (Super Phone)
    • 超時計 (Super Clock)
    • 超電池 (Supper Battery)
  • BJIT also developed one Apps “超便利ツールズ (Super Tools)” and marketed through SourceNext

iOS App Development for Access

  • Golf Simulation apps:
    • Support iPhone and iPad
    • Support wide platform iOS 5 to iOS 8
    • OpenGL used for UI graphics and animation
    • AWS Web Service and Cloud storage used
  • Mediapilot:
    • Implementation of DLNA technology for Audio and Video sharing
    • Streaming
    • OpenGL used for UI graphics and animation
    • AWS Web Service and Cloud storage used

New Network System(NewNS)

A chat system for call center. When end users need any support then the user will be able to communicate with the customer support representative by SPUI

  • There are now 3 main features of this system as follows:
    • Auto chat: There are several auto chat story. User can access those auto chat based on support demand.
    • Live chat: Text & voice. Customer can communicate with the available representative through either text chat or voice chat.
    • File transferring: When customer will have text chat or voice chat then they can transfer image file to each other.
  • Technology: LSMP SDK / Android SDK / SIP Protocol and SIP Server

App Development for SONY SDNA

  • A fixed team is working for SONY SDNA
  • Main Working Area:
    • Photo Movie Creator
    • Image Processing and Editing
  • Technology:
    • Andoid KitKat 4.4
    • FFmpeg

App Development for OMRON Health Care

  • Dedicated team for Android and iOS application development for Health care apps
  • Technology:
    • iOS SE: 2
    • Android SE: 2
    • QA: 3
    • PM: 1