Mobile App

14 years of experience in smartphone app platforms
8+ years of experience in Android and iOS.
200+ dedicated resources for app development and testing
Services include
- Mobile App & IoT development
- Mobile App & IoT maintenance
- Mobile App & IoT automation testing
- Build and configuration management

In BJIT, we have fashioned our Android and iOS Apps to be Used for Health Care Services, Entertainment, Life Style etc. 

Technology Used
-Cocos2D &Unity
- OpenGL
- Chromecast
- Android Wear
- Android TV; Android watch
- Smart AR
Language Used
-Android version till Android P
- Objective – C
- Swift
- Core iOS 7 ~ 12 & Libraries
- iWatch OS
- Xcode 5 ~ 10
- React Native & Native Script
- jQuery Mobile
- PhoneGap

In BJIT, we have fashioned our IoT applications to be used for Smart Tourism System, Smart Wellness House, Language Translator etc.

Software Used
-Android Studio
-Eclipse with Spring Tool Suite (STS)
Technology Used
-AWS Cloud Services
-Spring Web MVC
Language Used
-C/C++, Python, Android