Why Need SAP?

Every business has its own procedures, requirements, and goals. Most current businesses require an innovative technological solution with all the required functions that will be able to fill the gap between business processes and business persons. To successfully run a business, there should be an ERP system that will provide supports to the different departments and teams by providing all the information and a communication platform within the organization. Presently, SAP ERP is one of the powerful and widely used Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Here, SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products.

  • SAP System provides control over different business processes.
  • It provides access to information across the departments in real-time.
  • It provides a better inventory management system, more effective human resources management, reduced aterial cost, and promotes quality to increases productivity and profit.
  • It eliminates the discontinuity, duplication, and redundancy in data.
  • SAP provides better customer service with increased throughput and more customer interaction.
  • For Enterprise Resource Planning, SAP also provides a centralized enterprise management system.


What Do Our Great Teams Do?


We partner with our clients as trusted advisors to help navigate the SAP landscape so they can make informed decisions on product selection and implementation strategy.

The world of SAP is an intricate ecosystem with many components and processes. We partner with the CIO, CFO, COO and their teams as trusted advisors to help them navigate the SAP landscape. Our team provides detailed analysis and recommendations so customers can make informed decisions on product adoption. Besides, we help in project planning and strategy formulation so the road to SAP go-live is as smooth as possible.


From conception, design and build to archiving and decommissioning we help our clients implement projects spanning the entire lifecycle of their business systems. We also keep abreast of the latest innovations so we can help our customers with the right product

We have experts who can help in each and every phase of SAP ERP implementation. Our consultants have experience in medium and large scale SAP implementations across North America and can be relied upon to tackle the most intractable issues in configuration, development, and testing.


Business Systems need to continually improve to keep pace with the changes in the external environment. We can help manage these changes and provide fixes to your perennial SAP issues.

As systems mature and stabilize SAP clients are increasingly looking for cost-effective options for application maintenance and support. We can help in this process by executing upgrades, implementing change requests, and providing general support services.


The reason of Choosing BJIT for SAP Service

BJIT SAP services provide one-stop access for all the required technical and functional needs.

BJIT has a dedicated team for SAP operations, applications, product services, and service management for all your business need.

At BJIT we have experienced support consultants who have an average of 8 years of experience in SAP and a total of 19+ years of business experience.

At BJIT, we eliminate the trouble of finding a different set of skills to address each issue that arises to suit unique customer requirements.

Our SAP services decrease risk with enhanced service level agreements so that you can continue your business without worrying a bit!

Because of our highly skilled engineers, it takes less time to integrate SAP services with business and thus making less interruption.

Our SAP solutions promise increased system and solution performance.

With shorter system response times, our services provide higher efficiency and productivity.


Top Companies in the wotld

Our team has substantial skills and experience in the SAP domain and has served customers in Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, and the Public Sector. Below are some of the companies that we have worked with.