Portfolio : Web Enterprise



  1. A fixed team Labo has been started in 2006 to work with PDM (Product Data Management) is a web-based application
    1. More than 8 different integrated systems, which is using for paper and Fiber industries (Metso Group Finland)
    2. Customer based Technology selection mainly web based
    3. PDM is using more than 35 different sites globally
Integration System:

  1. ERP System
  2. Supplier Chain Master
  3. Partners
  4. CoMPass
  1. Gizmo
  2. Mechanical Design (CAD Drawing)
  3. Global Search Tool (GST)
  4. SOD (New Drawing request system)

Global Jobs BD

Overseas job searching site – GLOBAL JOBS started its journey based on a wish to provide the chance of working overseas for the IT engineers of Bangladesh. Our dream is to expand the possibilities of Bangladesh IT engineers who wish to play an active role in the global IT industry.

Project URL: GlobalJobsBD.com


Fresh Fish BD

FreshFishBD.com is the first online fish shop in Bangladesh. We launched our shop in April, 2015, and now we deliver in Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong. We took this initiative to make customer life easier. Online shopping with FreshFishBD.com saves time and it is also very convenient for our customer as we face more and more traffic these days.

Project URL: FreshFishBD.com


Rental Home BD

RentalHomeBD.com is a leading letting property portal website established in 2012.

  1. Comprehensive search facility for property-hunters to find a property.
  2. Offer a range of services for both our tenants and landlords.

Project URL: RentalHomeBD.com


Beauty Salon

BJIT IKINA Labo is working for Project development for Singapore. Team is developing

  1. Web Based Kanri Module
  2. Web Based Client Module
  3. Web Service API for iOS/Android Module


  1. J2EE, Google Play Framework, Scala & HTML5

Kato Labo

Kato Information Technology is a HongKong based Japanese

  1. Company conducting R&D labo with BJIT for Technical support
  2. Customer based Technology selection mainly web based
  3. New application development, Porting, Enhancement

Framework & Development Tools:

  1. Zend framework and Object oriented PHP, ORM with doctrine JavaScrip/Ajax, CSS3, MySql
  2. CakePHP Framework and PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS
  3. C++

Project URL: Japan Premium Store


Human Resource Management System

R&D labo for Product development with NTT Data’s tools and technology, expertise development of NDMM engineer, Provide Technical lead and PM support to NDMM projects.


  1. J2EE, Intra-Mart, Terasoluna, iBatis
  2. Oracle, MySql, pgSql